Moonshine Horsepower 128 M8 154HP 154TQ | Bike Build No. 6

The Moonshine Horsepower 128 M8 with Moonshine Horsepower’s 2-into-1 Pro Mod Exhaust w/ Feuling Patented Anti-Reversion Chambers.

This build features:

  • Moonshine Horsepower 128 Milwaukee-Eight
  • MHP 2-1 Pro Mod Exhaust w/Feuling Patented Anti-Reversion Chambers
  • Custom Candy Lollipop Red Pushrod Covers
  • MHP Adjustable Pushrods
  • New S&S 4.500″ Flywheel
  • Carrillo Connecting Rods
  • MHP Frankenstein +1.5mm OS Valve heads
  • MHP 66mm Intake Manifold
  • H-D 64mm Throttle Body
  • HPI v2 Air Cleaner with Solid Black Cover
  • Feuling Race Series Lifter
  • Feuling 592 Camshaft
  • S&S Oil Pump & Plate
  • Kraus Moto 6 risers
  • Kraus Moto ERG Bars
  • Kraus Moto T-Rex Pull Back Plate

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